Analysis of aluminum prices in August

China is the world’s largest aluminum producer and consumer countries, and therefore the price of aluminum has been the focus of domestic production vendors concerned. Since August this year, the London Metal Exchange (LME) aluminum material offer has been hovering near the lows, trading at $ 1,528 on Monday, the 25th, the Yangtze River spot market price is the lowest 11,780 yuan, the Shanghai stock market, the lowest price is 11,770 yuan, year on year decline. Domestic aluminum prices continued to decline in August. Continued low aluminum prices brought down the price is appropriate, then the impact of the major factors that aluminum prices, what does?

First, the impact of fluctuations in aluminum prices by the supply of alumina. Alumina costs account for about 28% ~ 34% of aluminum production costs, while China’s annual alumina gap basically in the 100 to 150 million tons, the international and domestic alumina supply is abundant, the price will directly affect aluminum ingots Cost of production.

Secondly, power and electricity has been an important factor affecting the development of China’s electrolytic aluminum industry. According to incomplete statistics, the average power consumption per ton of aluminum of about 16,000 degrees. In addition, aluminum ingots inherent characteristics and uses determines its price on the one hand to be affected by domestic and international supply and demand, on the other hand to the affected domestic economic growth and economic policy.
In addition, the aluminum products prices also be affected by changes in import and export policies, the international market, as well as the aluminum industry trends. With its high strength, corrosion resistance, good thermal stability, easy to shape, and other characteristics can be recycled, aluminum alloy material is widely applied to transportation, housing, cars and shipbuilding and other industries, with a large number of the transformation of China’s power grid, aluminum consumption will also have a corresponding increase in these factors will demand and prices for aluminum plate will also have a positive impact, the impact on domestic prices of nonferrous metals industry will be greater.

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