Aluminum surface treatment on problem solving approach


Use aluminum plate quality is not very good, too many impurities will be mixed inside take peeling in alumium plate,the aluminum sheet after shot blasting treatment, the aluminum oxide layer above will be destroyed. Can not handle very clean, remained part of the oxide layer on top of.

Shot in order to make work further compaction, usually every square centimeter of power by force of 3 kg around, if  itself die-casting have quality problems, such as pores, bubbles, cold shut, playing in real time will be blasting produce peeling phenomenon, which is the same concept of non-casting from the peeling to separate.

Of the above questions is currently no effective method, you can learn basic processing pathways:

1, will be  improve the quality of the workpiece;

2, lower pressure blasting;

3 Shot from the skin site to be polished, such as sanding the bottom of the problem, you can re-throw.

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