Aluminum products in medicine and the development of applications

Aluminum tubing for the pharmaceutical industry are not rare. We have seen a lot of ointment like drugs like toothpaste box packaging, the surface is very smooth, soft texture, which is aluminum, aluminum foil, aluminum products made out of! And tell you about the aluminum tubes application development in medicine.

Medicinal aluminum tubes can be divided into soft and hard aluminum two kinds. Soft tubes also called “tube”, is the result of the softening process for packaging a cream, ointment, eye ointment and other forms of containers, and it is not hard aluminum softening treatment, used for packaging e.g. effervescent tablets, pills, capsules, sprays and other forms of containers.

The types of containers are made of aluminum products for the (aluminum content of not less than 99.5%), wide aluminum source, with a metallic unique excellent performance: good shading and air tightness, fully able to meet the special requirements of drugs: Easy recycling, no pollution to the environment, in line with environmental philosophy. Thus in materials science is highly developed today, still it has irreplaceable advantages in many domestic and foreign drug packaging materials, there is a very wide range of applications and good prospects for development.

Hoses production, application and development of a long history, has gone through three generations of change. The first generation of products is tin hose (strictly speaking it should be aluminum predecessor). Lead on the human body will cause serious damage, and tin resources and less, so long been out of the market. The second generation of aluminum hose. Such products due to poor sealing, the drug can not be isolated from contact with the air, the bare aluminum with drugs prone to chemical reaction, directly related to the safety of drugs, which had put an end to such products in foreign and domestic is rapidly decreasing gradually as The third generation of products to replace.

State Food and Drug Administration has made provision 2024 aluminum pipe must have an inner coating, thin roof sealing membrane, printing and tail coat, which is the replacement of the third generation of products. The third generation of aluminum tubes technology level and second-generation products, compared differentiated and improve on nature, it has a seal coating thin film and the top closure at the end, to ensure that drugs are not in contact with air during storage and not there will be no leakage and dry phenomenon, the inner wall coating can effectively isolate the drug in direct contact with the aluminum to provide a reliable guarantee for the efficacy and safety of drugs within the validity period; multicolor printing technology species (abroad up to 8 colors, domestic general 4-8 colors) make the look even more beautiful. In recent years also developed aluminum with plastic cleaning head and beak ointment tube with cleaning head can avoid friction and produce aluminum threaded black phenomenon, effectively improve the cleanliness and safety of the drug medication.

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