Aluminum processing industry is facing the impact

In occasion of the upstream aluminum industry production capacity is difficult to curb the excess pressure to the aluminum processing enterprises conduction, which leads to lower consumption of aluminum and aluminum industry profitability a drag.

Number of aluminum processing enterprises are numerous, but the low concentration of production, small-scale production. High level of modern large-scale aluminum group group is not formed. Data show that China’s aluminum enterprises currently there are about 1400, of which more than 780 aluminum extrusion plant, aluminum foil plant more than 650, but the large, medium-sized enterprises less than 20%, behind small businesses account for more than 80%, the national aluminum processing enterprises average capacity is only about 25,000 tons / year. ʱ??

In addition, Chinese aluminum processing industry integrated low level of technology, science and technology innovation and weak independent development capabilities, but also one of the reasons the Chinese aluminum exports less competitive.

Market high hopes packaging foil external demand is facing more and more severe test. In 2013 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition Shanghai International Industrial Materials Exhibition, domestic aluminum production and processing enterprises, said the future will be more difficult export aluminum foil.

By the global slowdown in demand and prices down the impact of Chinese aluminum industry recorded a third quarter net loss of 1.08 billion yuan over the same period recorded a net profit of 555 million yuan last year.

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