Aluminum plate is one of the important areas of aluminum product


Aluminum plate is one of the important areas of aluminum products. Alloy can be divided according to 8 alloy wash, them. 7 alloy is Al-Zn-Mg alloys are heat treatable alloys, belong to the aviation series, is the more high-end aluminum field. In 7XXX Department representative products for 7075, mainly containing zinc. Also belong to the aviation series, aluminum-magnesium zinc copper alloy, heat treatable, are super-hard alloy, good wear resistance.

7 alloys generally used as a welding member material or used aircraft materials to super-hard aluminum 7075 alloy represented. 7075 aluminum plate used for the manufacture of high strength aircraft structures and other requirements, corrosion resistance and strong high-stress structural parts, such as aircraft, under the wing facing the wall panels, bulkheads, etc.. Good plasticity after solution treatment, heat strengthened particularly effective at 150 degrees below have high strength, and there is poor particularly good low temperature strength, weldability, stress corrosion cracking tendency.

In recent years, ski poles, golf club and other sporting goods, also used to produce this alloy. 7075 aluminum sheet metal alloy heat treatment, the use of T651, this treatment allows the residual stress after T6 treatment, the correct and uniform stretching to prevent deformation of the workpiece during machining distortion occurs. T73 treatment, mechanical properties will be reduced, but there is a tendency to reduce the effects of stress corrosion.

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