Aluminum pipe

Aluminum pipe as an important biography of a country’s economic development, has been widely used in various fields of national economy. With the development of technology, the use of aluminum is still space for further development. However, due to recent market volatility, leading some manufacturers to stop production. Because blind production, inventories increased, coupled with China’s large market downturn, then throw a question: the future of the aluminum industry go from here?

Whether the product or technology, seize the high ground will become the core competitiveness of the industry, which is the prerequisite for the industry to ensure sustainable development. Aluminum processing enterprises to lead the market through strong occupy the forefront of product and market development, and then to dominate the market. Meanwhile, enterprises should take into account the square aluminum tubes to implement the corporate norms, covering national norms, the formation of industry rules, made to ensure the right to speak, the healthy development of the industry.

Strengthen research to establish voice and pricing mechanisms underlying domestic aluminum enterprises in failure ended, even though I have a very big demand for iron ore, iron ore, however irrefutable mainly concentrated in the hands of several international giants, raw materials controlled by others. At present, China’s square aluminum oxide and electrolysis aluminum square capacity, production have been ranked first in the world, the Chinese share of global total production capacity of electrolytic aluminum enterprises square aluminum production capacity share, the aggregate have a right to speak, but lack of appropriate pricing mechanism. With 2014 approaching, the square aluminum bauxite Indonesia no longer exports, Chinese aluminum production capacity of nearly one-third of the soil dependent on imported aluminum ore, and Indonesia mine accounted for 80 per cent of these total more than .

Cliche, science and technology are primary productive forces. Efforts to develop high-quality, high-quality aluminum products, not on price, not blind competition, adhere to quality first, service first, China’s aluminum industry still has a very big development prospects.

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