Aluminum pipe welding Caution

Aluminum Alloy

1, welding time success better, because aluminum pipe melting point is too low peeling tool, when the second reheating tubes easily deformed.2, the electrode must be evenly flux, in order to ensure the quality of solder joints.

3, the torch flame can not be too long and must be heated with a slow fire, otherwise dispersant tubes easily melted.

4, the welding is completed, nylon special paste to wait two, three minutes after the cement pipe cooling repository can contact, otherwise leaky pads.

5, welding time not too long, because the melting point is too low for too long aluminum wall easily lead to melting or thinning, easy to suppress leakage.

6, the liner must be placed wet towels, protected place, because the welding space is very small, so be sure to pay attention to the protection of the refrigerator

7, the electrode can be heated with a torch dipped in solder powder, low melting point because this electrode.

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