Aluminum pipe weight calculation method


Many friends new entrants to the aluminum business scopy , it’s generally do not know the weight of aluminum pipe calculated, in fact, there is a weight aluminum pipe formula can be set, usually under the designation investigation Materials Handbook, calculated according to the proportion of the volume *  seek. as follows:

Aluminum pipe weight formula = (OD – Wall Thickness) *wall  thickness * 0.00879 * length.
Because aluminum pipe is usually an alloy. The actual weight is slightly larger than the theoretical calculation.

For Example: diameter 28mm, wall thickness 3mm, length of 2 m, what’s the weight of this 2024 aluminum pipe ?


(Outer diameter 28mm- wall thickness 3mm) * wall thickness of 3mm * Density factor 0.00879 * length 2m = weight of 1.32 kg of aluminum tubing.
In this explanation, the number of units of the formula, please note, in practical industrial applications, outside diameter and wall thickness of the tubes are generally measured in millimeters, the outer diameter is 28 mm, wall thickness of 3 mm, The median number of conversion can be directly used, specifically to talk about is the length, in fact, we can also be converted into length mm to count, that is 2,000,000 mm 2 meters, if we used the actual calculation are used to calculate the millimeter, then the out After dividing the weight value 1,000,000 fine. This is everyone’s computing like it!

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