Aluminum pipe – The Metal of the Future

The construction industry is one of the most lucrative these days. This is because more and more cities are trying to develop their infrastructure and real estate to keep up with the fast paced times! This has resulted in an increased demand for stronger and long lasting building material. As far as metals are concerned, Aluminum emerges as the clear winner in this race. This metal which is found in abundance all over the world is now the most widely used building material globally, second only to steel. However the light weight and water proof qualities of Aluminum even beat steel in some cases.

The most frequently used form in the case of homes and hotels is of course Aluminum driveway gates, Custom Aluminum Fences and Aluminum Hand railings. Aluminum Driveway gates are now become more popular than Stainless steel gates and wooden gates due to their high durability and longevity. Available in a variety of colours, shapes and textures; these gates can be either manual or automatic sliding type. The fact that they are Aluminum makes them non-corrosive and they also remain dust free. They are zero maintenance since they do not require frequent painting or polishing. These are well suited to people living in secluded areas. In these times of rising crime rates and thefts, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 7075 Aluminum pipe Driveway gates are going to be in high demand in the future too since they are much more cost effective than wooden or steel gates.

Coming to Custom Aluminum fences, these are most often ordered matching with the corresponding Driveway gate. Apart from sharing its material qualities with the driveway gates, these work out much better and cheaper than the traditional wooden fences. Aluminum being readily available works out more reasonable and is low maintenance. Custom Aluminum fences also guarantee customer satisfaction. This is because the entire design is decided by the customer, hence the “customised” fencing. The fencing material is strengthened by various chemical additives so as to be sturdy and robust for a long time.

However the most useful application of Aluminum is without question- Hand railings. The numbers of ways in which these railings can be utilised in building construction are numerous. They are not only stylish and strong but they are also extremely lightweight and easy to install. As was the case for the driveway gates and the custom fences, they are extremely long lasting and low maintenance! Hence aluminum provides complete metal fitting solution for builders.

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