Aluminum industry sharp downturn in America


Due to the impact of China and other countries aluminum products industry, the sharp decline of the US aluminum industry, the entry of foreign capital to the US aluminum industry forces to bring great harm! 

100 years ago, Alcoa (Alcoa) Let commercialization of aluminum products, in fact, Alcoa has been 64 years in the Wei Naqi, although Alcoa insist they remain in the US Pacific Northwest area made of aluminum, but a lot of the retrenched employees skeptical. 

Alcoa factory Wei Naqi business stagnation, in early January cut 420 workers, wages of these workers is about twice the average wage in the region. Alcoa in the outskirts of Washington, another aluminum smelter in Ferndale City 465 workers are very worried. 

15 years ago, the United States has 23 aluminum plate smelters, including Ferndale today, including only six, the year after the scheduled implementation of the closure plan, may be less. 

Karen Macbeth is Platts (Platts) reporter, aluminum track the rise and fall, she said, US companies face fierce competition in countries like China aluminum industry. 

Headquartered in Chicago’s Century Aluminum Company (Century Aluminum Company) and the United Steelworkers union is lobbying for Chinese exports of aluminum tubing requires the imposition of sanctions. Recently, the US Department of Labor agreed to Alcoa workers hurt by foreign trade say, approved a special retraining and welfare for the cause of workers.

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