Al-6XN Alloy

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Product Description

Al-6XN Alloy

Al-6XN Alloy

The high strength and corrosion resistance of the AL-6XN alloy make it a better choice than the conventional duplex stainless steels and a cost effective alternative to more expensive nickel-based alloys in applications where excellent formability,weldability, strength and corrosion resistance are essential. It is a cost effective alternative to less expensive stainless steels that do not have the strength or corrosion resistance to maximize life cycles.

AL-6XN alloy has exceptional resistance to chloride corrosion, pitting, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and excellent general corrosion resistance to various acid, alkalis and salt solutions.

AL-6XN alloy is identified by the Unified Numbering System (UNS) designation of N08367. AL-6XN alloy is anaustenitic stainless steel alloy with high nickel, molybdenum, and nitrogen content. AL-6XN alloy has a face-centered cubic crystal structuresimilar to other austenitic stainless steels. The alloy is non-magnetic and its magnetic permeability remains low even after severe cold forming.

Chemical Composition

Element Typical Allowable
Carbon 0.02 0.03 maximum
Manganese 0.40 2.00 maximum
Phosphorus 0.020 0.040 maximum
Sulfer 0.001 0.030 maximum
Silicon 0.40 1.00 maximum
Chromium 20.5 20.00 / 22.00
Nickel 24.00 23.50 / 25.50
Molybdenum 6.20 6.00 / 7.00
Nitrogen 0.22 0.18 / 0.25
Copper 0.2 0.75
Iron Balance Balance