Advantages of 304 Stainless Steel pipe

When choosing a griddle for home use, you may want to consider one made of stainless steel. These pieces have a lot of good qualities. It’s easy to clean and lasts for years. It’s practically unbreakable. And, from a health standpoint, this type of cookware is much safer than common steel cookware, which typically contains lead.

The best griddles of this type are made from restaurant or commercial grade stainless steel. Because they are thicker, they will cook foods more evenly and quicker than the cheaper stainless steel griddles. This means that for stainless steel cookware the griddle should be made of type 304 stainless steel pipe or better. It’s also beneficial if a metal with greater heat conductivity such as copper or aluminum, is bonded to the bottom of the griddle.

When choosing a pan, if your stovetop is big enough, select one that is large enough to simultaneously cook 4 medium sized pancakes or 4 grilled cheese sandwiches at one time. If your choice is a gas griddle, a double burner piece would be the perfect choice for cooking / grilling big breakfasts for the family. The second biggest complaint among first time grill buyers is buying one too small. The first complaint is buying a poor quality grill.

If you’ve decided to purchase an electric pan, make sure that it has precise temperature controls. This will greatly simplify the job of cooking just about anything.

Avoid cookware with plastic handles as they can possibly give off toxic fumes if overheated. Also, look for stainless steel griddles with lifetime warranties. This is a good indication of how confident the manufacturer is in their product.

Features or accessories that can add to your griddle experience:

1) See through glass lids that let you cook foods on the cookware in an enclosed environment. The glass lets you monitor the food while its cooking.

2) A cover with a steam control valve allows you to steam vegetables on the grill.

3) Look for griddles that have a grease channel or grease trough that will give the excess grease a place to flow to and keep if from being drawn back into the food.

4) An oven safe pan is more versatile in that it allows you to take food from stovetop to oven if necessary. The pan should be oven safe to at least 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

5) Some cookware has reversible cooking plates that snap in and out allowing you to easily clean them.

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