A Comparison Between Aluminum Wire Vs Copper Wire – Which Is Much Better?

stainless steel tubing
Some electrical products such as televisions, computers, radio and other home appliances has an electric cables inside. Electric cables are conductors that are used to carry electricity. The wire itself is insulated using materials such as plastic and fibers and it is usually known to be an electrical conductor. The insulation covers the conductor away from damage.

There are two commonly used metals to create electrical cables; copper and aluminum. Copper metal is utilized to form an insulated electrical copper cable while Aluminum metal is used to form an aluminum cable.

Copper cable is the generally used for electrical wiring because of its high electrical conductivity. It has high electrical conductivity enables it to allow passage of electricity without heating too much because it produces less charge when electricity moves through it. The motion of electric charges in copper metal is faster so electrical copper cable is preferred.

One particular drawback of copper cable is that copper cable is insulated with materials like rubber making it hard to remove from the cable. Manufacturers changed copper cable insulated rubber with copper tinned wire. Still, due to copper wire’s high cost it is not usually used in residential wiring. The wiring manufacturers released insulated electrical wire using aluminum metal for residential wires.

Aluminum wire was manufactured as an alternative for the conventional copper wire because aluminum wire is cheaper. 6061 Aluminum tubing is a good conductor of electric current. Aluminum wire is used in some residential purposes for substantial circuit loads including air conditioning units. Aluminum is also used in many appliances. It has been known to have good corrosion resistant that is a great help in order to secure longer life for all electrical devices made of aluminum wire. It is also effective and cost efficient solution.

However, aluminum metal also has its disadvantages such as it generates more heat compared to copper wire because of its high resistivity. Aluminum is still being used because the earth has abundant supply of this type of metal. No matter if its copper wire or aluminum wire, it is much better to ask licensed electricians on which wire does better. Electricians are trained to install any kind of electrical wires in any residential or commercial establishments and at the same time they can also do repair and maintenance on your electrical components. These electricians have sufficient expertise, training and experiences to follow electrical codes to handle you and your family from any possible risk, injury or accidents.

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