It’s Not Just For Space Stations – Learn All About Titanium Rings

It’s Not Just For Space Stations – Learn All About Titanium Rings
When shopping for a men’s ring, far too many people simply and unthinkingly reach for gold. Why is it that they don’t think first about titanium rings?

The merest mention of this metal draws the imagination towards all sorts of exotic and overtly technical uses. Titanium, with its incredible strength, remarkable lightness and resistance to corrosion, is the metal backbone of spy novels and real world military and industrial machinery. Airplanes, nuclear submarines, and space stations are made with it. With that sort of association to such manly endeavors, it’s not surprising that people want to know more about titanium rings. After all, if it’s strong enough to build an SR-71 spy plane out of, surely it’s the perfect metal to show the strength of your wedding bonds?

So, what do you need to know about titanium as a metal for your ring? Well, it’s stronger than steel, which of course is much stronger than gold. If you’ve owned a gold or silver ring, you’ve probably seen how it warps with time. Titanium will never bend like that, and will never dent from bumping into something harder. This ring will be nearly indestructible – a piece that can be handed down through the generations. And while a steel ring would be heavy, a titanium ring will sit lightly on your finger, adding almost no noticeable weight at all. In fact, it’s nearly 50% lighter than comparably strong steel.

Gr5 Titanium sheet is also corrosion resistant. Now, unless you’re a scuba diver by trade, you probably won’t spend a lot of time with your hand immersed in salt water – but if you did, you would find absolutely no change in your titanium ring. Other metals would rust or tarnish. And unlike gold rings that require regular rhodium plating to protect them from damage, a titanium ring will never need to be plated or coated.

Another wonderful characteristic of titanium is its inert properties. If you have ever had an allergic reaction to wearing a piece of cheap jewellery, you will appreciate the hypoallergenic nature of titanium. And should you somehow manager to ingest your ring, you won’t have to worry about any sort of metal poisoning – titanium is completely non-toxic, even in larger doses. In fact, titanium is often used for medical procedures where metal must be left in the body, like surgical screws.

Titanium rings also come in a variety of styles, just like gold, but can also come in a number of different colors, including blues, blacks, golds, silvers and frosted finishes. Now that you have learned about titanium rings and all the advantages they offer over the usual assortment of metals used in the past, you can give up the gold and skip the silver. The “space age metal” is the hottest thing on the market today.

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