718 Mould Steel

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Product Description

Products: Round bar, Flat bar, Plates.

718 Mould Steel
Equivalent grades: 3Cr2NiMo Mold Steel/P20+Ni Die Steel/HPM-Magic/PX4/PX5/2738 Tool Steel

718 is a prehardened mould steel, which offers the following benefits:
. No hardening risks
. No hardening costs
. Time saving (i.e., no waiting for heat treatment)
. Lower tool cost (e.g., no distortion to rectify)
. Modifications easily carried out
. Can be subsequently nitrided to increase surface
. wear resistance and locally flame hardened to reduce surface damage

718 is manufactured to consistently high quality standards with a very low sulphur content, giving a steel with the following characteristics:
. Good polishing and photo-etching properties
. Good machinability
. High purity and good homogeneity
. Uniform hardness
Note: Our 718 is 100% ultrasonic tested.

Heavier sections are supplied premachined, which offers the following advantages compared with unmachined
. Saving of weight
. Free of decarburised surface
. Exact nominal size (plus tolerance)
. Less machining
. Absence of scale minimises machine and tool wear

 Typicalanalysis %  C0.37  Si0.3  Mn1.4  Cr2.0  Ni1.0  Mo0.2  S<0.010
 Standard specification  AISI P20 modified, WNr. 1.2738
 Delivery condition  Hardened and tempered to 340-380 HB
 Colour code  White/Brown

. Injection moulds for thermoplastics
. Extrusion dies for thermoplastics
. Blow moulds
. Forming tools, press-brake dies (possibly flame hardened or nitrided)
. Aluminium die casting prototype dies
. Structural components, shafts