7075 aluminum plate require high strength than other aluminum plate


7xxx series aluminum is aluminum industry’s high-end products, 7xxx line aluminum containing mainly zinc. It belongs to the aviation series, aluminum-magnesium zinc copper alloy. Heat treatable, it is super-hard alloy, good wear resistance. 7xxx series alloys more used aircraft materials, in recent years, ski poles, golf club and other sporting goods, also used to produce this alloy.

This alloy to alloy represented 7005,7020,7075, mainly in the following three features:

One, better physical properties, compared with the 5083 aluminum plate , manufactured extruded profile is easy, workability and corrosion resistance is also good, can be obtained using the age hardening high strength; as heat treated 7075 aluminum plate, multi-T651, this treatment can be residual stress after T6 treatment, the correct and uniform stretching to prevent deformation of the workpiece during machining distortion occurs. T73 treatment, mechanical properties will be reduced, but there is a tendency to reduce the effects of stress corrosion.

Second, even the natural aging, 7xxx alloys can reach a very high strength, low sensitivity to crack;

Third, the heat-affected part of the welding, since the heating is solid melts, it later when natural aging, can restore strength, thereby increasing the strength of the welding seam. Such alloys are widely used in the manufacture of welded components.

Because 7xxx series alloys require high strength, corrosion resistance can be strong, now basically rely on imports, China’s production process to be improved.

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