6061 aluminum plate tread

6061 T6 Aluminum Plate

Product Description

6061 T6 Aluminum Plate

6061 T6 aluminum plate

Tread 6061 T6 aluminum plate is known for its strength, durability and skid resistance. Stronger than 3003 because it is heat treated and aged to T6 Temper. 6061 T6 aluminum plate has a wide range of uses where strength and durability are a must. Used for ramps, stairs and flooring 6061 treads high strength and corrosion resistance make it highly compatible for many applications. Available to the ASTM B632.

Applications of 6061 T6 Aluminum Plate:

•Loading Ramps
•Stair tread
•Dock plate
•Dock Board

Typical Chemical Requirements

 Silicon  .4-.8
 Iron  .7
 Copper  .15-.4
 Manganese  .15
 Magnesium  .8-1.2
 Chromium Range  .04-.35
 Zinc  .25
 Titanium  .15
 Aluminum remainder


Detect-Metals offer as wide range of stock sizes and processing capabilities for your company’s needs. Stock sizes range from.125 – .500 x 48/60 wide and 96/120/144 inches long. We also have shearing capabilities to meet your projects specific needs.