6061 aluminum sheet has many valuable features

Aluminium sheet is now very extensive use of a material in which 6061 is a low-alloyed aluminum Al-Mg-Si-based alloy high plasticity, has many valuable features. Below lists the 6061 aluminum sheet with the characteristics.

1.6061 aluminum sheet welding performance and excellent corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency, in the heat treatment can be reinforced in aluminum alloy, Al-Mg-Si based alloy is not the only discovery of stress corrosion cracking of the alloy.

2. heat strengthened, high impact toughness of 6061 aluminum sheet, do not sensitive to lack.

3. aluminum manufacturer machined surface is very smooth, and easy to anodizing and coloring. The disadvantage is that after quenching, if parked for some time at room temperature, an adverse impact on aging (parked effect) have strength.

4.6061 aluminum sheet with excellent thermoplastic can be extruded into complex high-speed, thin-walled, hollow variety of profiles, or forged into complex forgings. Quenching temperature range, low quench sensitivity, after extrusion and forging release, as long as the temperature is higher than the quenching temperature, you can use water or through water quenching method. Thin-walled parts (δ <3mm) can also carry out air quenching.

6061 aluminum sheet has many valuable features , it is summed up 6061 aluminum sheet having excellent weldability and corrosion resistance, high impact toughness, processing surface is very smooth, with excellent thermoplastic these characteristics. These features make the 6061 aluminum sheet have obvious advantages when wholesale.

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