5052 aluminum is an aluminum alloy with a high welding speed,

5052 aluminum is an aluminum alloy with a high welding speed, forming beautiful, no holes and other defects, uniform welds and other characteristics. 5052 alloy aluminum tubing used in aluminum strip for the three composite materials, the outer layer of Al-Si solder layer, in the middle of Al-Mn core, inner Al-Zn coating. This triple materials using high-frequency welding.

High-frequency welding an ideal welding process. A seamless lined aluminum tube and its manufacturing process, seamless aluminum tube made of plastic or plastic-lined plastic hollow tube and seamless tube composed of aluminum, it is by cold drawing process will be seamless aluminum tube close wrapped in plastic or plastic hollow tube outer wall BU.

To find the ideal condenser tube material, we leaching plant condenser tube heat transfer process from the theoretical and practical aspects of the analysis, we explained the feasibility of using 5052 aluminum tubing alloy material and a condenser tube reality, and the aluminum tube condenser related Expanding Technology in manufacture, process Expansion, Expansion of the precautions to be explained. The condenser tube condenser compared with other, having a high heat transfer efficiency condensation effect, long life and other advantages. on the future oil refinery leaching plant …

Many countries around the world are increasingly using steel space truss. However, due to various reasons, with 5052 alloy aluminum space frame made of structures but very few. Japan recently in a natural park built in the province of Aichi Toyota ornamental greenhouse, the structural material on the use of aluminum tubes, the formation Half Dome spatial grid. Not only looks beautiful, durable, and lightweight, easy installation and construction, there is a lot of steel space frame is difficult to achieve superiority.

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