5 tips you have to know to maintain aluminum sheets


In order to maintain the performance and appearance of aluminum sheet, also prolong the life of aluminum sheet, we are need to carry out regular maintenance of aluminum alloy sheet .now share the conservation Measures of the alloy aluminum sheet to you:

1, aluminum sheet during storage, prohibition together with chemical products and within humid storage.

2, aluminum sheet during transport, use tarpaulin cover, beware of snow intrusion.

3, aluminum sheet storage environment should be dry, bright, airy, non-corrosive climate.

4, aluminum sheet in the handling process, it is necessary to gently, beware bump caused by the appearance of bruising, affect the appearance beautiful.

5, aluminum sheet during storage,we proposed that the samll standard aluminum sheet should be on the shelf , For large standard aluminum sheet the best storage method is use  the bottom with skids ,in order to  separated from the ground, and the ground distance is greater than 10cm.

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