440C stainless steel rod

440C Stainless Steel Rod

Product Description

440C Stainless Steel Rod


440C stainless steel rod is a high quality steel that is used in the manufacture of knife blades. It has a high content of carbon which is helpful in maintaining the sharp edge of the knife. The hardness rating of this steel is fifty six to fifty nine (Rc) and it is also specifically designed to resist the conditions of rusting. The performance rate of this steel is also higher than the other types available in the market. It is only because of the high performance factor of this steel that the rate of this alloy is slightly higher than other types of alloy steel.


There are various features or properties of 440C stainless steel rod that should be mentioned. These properties have always been found to be of great advantage for the individuals who have made use of this kind of alloy in the manufacture of various things such as valve parts and ball bearings. The most important feature of this metal is that it has the capability to attain a lot of hardness and strength only after getting a heat treatment. The wear resistance of this alloy is also an added feature that can be spoken of.


Applications of 440C Stainless Steel Rod:


The 440C steel can be used in different kinds of manufacture such as element bearings that roll, in knife blades that are of high quality, in the valve seats, in surgical instruments and also in chisels. These are some of the most common features of this steel alloy, and it is only because of these features that stainless steel of 440C grade is so popular in the market.

Chemical Composition (in weight %)

 Grade  C  Si  Mn  Cr  Mo  V  Ni  W
 440C  0.95- 1.20  1.00  1.00  16.00- 18.00  0.75  -  0.60 -