440C stainless steel bar

440C Stainless Steel Bar

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440C Stainless Steel Bar

440C Stainless Steel Bar

440C stainless steel bar is a high quality steel that is used in the manufacture of knife blades. It has a high content of carbon which is helpful in maintaining the sharp edge of the knife. The hardness rating of this steel is fifty six to fifty nine (Rc) and it is also specifically designed to resist the conditions of rusting. The performance rate of this steel is also higher than the other types available in the market. It is only because of the high performance factor of this steel that the rate of this alloy is slightly higher than other types of alloy steel.


440 stainless steel bar is a very good at resisting corrosion to fresh water, atmosphere, food, mild acids and alkalies. The best resistance of this alloy is at a passivated, tempered and hardened condition. If there is an existence of a smooth and polished surface then also the desired results can be achieved by the use of this kind of metal. This feature of the stainless steel of 440C grade is always helpful in large industries and can also turn out to be very advantageous in the production of several kinds of tools and equipments needed in day to day activities of the industries.


The heat resistance factor of this alloy steel is also very commendable and advantageous for the individuals who use this kind of steel in the manufacture of several items. However, there is one thing that requires to be noted in this respect and that is, the 440C steel should not be used above tempering temperature because the mechanical properties of this steel can deteriorate with over-tempering.


Through the process of heat treatment, 440 Stainless Steel bar can get enough strength. Along with the heat treatment it is also important that oil quenching is done because oil quenching helps the heavy sections of the steel. It is important to temper this steel at 150 to 370 degree Celsius because this process helps in retaining the mechanical properties of the steel and at the same time it also helps in increasing the hardness value of the steel. A tempering temperature below the one that has been mentioned can result in the reduction of the corrosion and the impact resistance features of this steel.


Welding is also important for this type of steel alloy. In order to carry out this process, the alloy needs to be pre-heated at a temperature of 250 degree Celsius.


The 440C grade of alloy steel can also be machined very easily, and it is the same as the high speed alloy. The metal is quite hard and stringy because of which the chip breakers are very important to be used; otherwise the machining process can turn out to be impossible. The machining factor of this brand of steel is very useful in the manufacture of several parts in machines where there is high quality steel required. The 440C steel is highly recommended in machines because it has great longevity and at the same time it is also useful in getting the good quality product being manufactured by the machine that uses this kind of steel.


The 440C steel can be used in different kinds of manufacture such as element bearings that roll, in knife blades that are of high quality, in the valve seats, in surgical instruments and also in chisels. These are some of the most common features of this steel alloy, and it is only because of these features that stainless steel of 440C grade is so popular in the market.

Applications of 440C Stainless Steel Bar:

Chemical Composition (in weight %)

 Grade  C  Si  Mn  Cr  Mo  V  Ni  W
 440C  0.95- 1.20  1.00  1.00  16.00- 18.00  0.75  -  0.60 -