347 stainless steel rod

347 Stainless Steel Rod

Product Description

347 Stainless Steel Rod


347 stainless steel rod is an austenitic stainless steel offering an excellent resistance to inter-granular corrosion following exposure to temperatures in the chromium carbide precipitation range from 800 to 1500O F. 347 stainless steel rod alloyed with columbium-tantalum (referred to as niobium) allows good mechanical properties at high temperatures.

Applications of 347 Stainless Steel Rod:

•High temperature gaskets
•Rocket engine parts
•Expansion joints
•Aircraft collector rings
•Exhaust manifolds
•Chemical production equipment

Typical Chemical Properties

 347 Stainless Steel Rod (annealed condition)
 Minimum Properties
 Ultimate Tensile Strength, psi  95,000
 Yield Strength, psi  39,900
 Elongation  45%
 Rockwell Hardness  B85
 Iron (Fe)  68%
 Carbon (C)  0.08% max
 Chrome (Cr)  17%
 Manganese (Mn)  2%
 Nickel (Ni)  11%
 Niobium (Nb) + Tantalum (Ta)  0.8%
 Phosphorus (P)  0.045% max
 Sulphur (S)  0.03%
 Silicon (Si)  1%