2017 Transfer of the demand for aluminum composite materials, or up to 850,000 tons

Heat aluminum composite materials (aluminum sheet, aluminum strip, aluminum foil, etc.) primarily for automotive heat transfer systems, household appliances, machinery and equipment as well as thermal power stations air cooling system. By the stimulation of downstream industries, the global heat transfer aluminum composite material in 2006–2014 years, the average growth rate of 6.1 percent and reached 1.38 million tons in 2014, up 4.5 percent year on year, but lower than the 13-year fell 1.1%.

As the world’s leading consumer of heat aluminum composite material, the total demand in China in 2014 was 591,900 tonnes, mainly due to the increase in the automotive industry light machinery and equipment needs. Is expected to 2017, China’s aluminum composite heat will reach 850,000 tons.

At present, China’s heat transfer aluminum composite manufacturers are mostly foreign companies and joint ventures, it contributed more than 60% of total production. In contrast, Chinese enterprises are restricted by factors such as lack of technical support, small-scale enterprises, leading to a lack of market competitiveness.

A wholly owned subsidiary Granges– Oklahoma, specializing in thermite composites business, now has annual production of 210,000 tons. Granges heat aluminum (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is the company’s production base is located in China, now has annual production of 120,000 tons. Future, the company plans to build a second production base in China aluminum heat.

Novelis Inc. is the United States the most important heat-aluminum composite material manufacturers. In October 2014, the company is located in China’s first automotive aluminum heat treatment plant has been completed and began operating, the plant has a 120,000 per year.

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