Product Description

Stainless Steel 253 MA ( 1.4835)

Stainless Steel 253 MA ( 1.4835)

UNS S30815
ASTM: A 240, A 276, A 312, A 358, A 409, A 473, A 479, A 480, A 813, A 814

Forms of 253 MA Available at Mega Mex
•Welding Material: Bare Weld Wire, Coated Electrode and Spooled Weld Wire


253 MA Stainless Overview (1.4835)

Stainless 253 MA is a lean austenitic heat resistant alloy with high strength and outstanding oxidation resistance. 253 MA maintains its heat resistant properties by advanced control of micro alloy additions. The use of rare earth metals in combination with silicon gives superior oxidation resistance up to 2000°F. Nitrogen, carbon and a dispersion of rare earth and alkali metal oxides combine to provide creep rupture strength comparable to the nickel base alloys. A wide variety of components requiring high strength at elevated temperatures such as heat exchangers, kilns, stack dampers and oven components are common applications for 253 MA.


Chemical Composition, %

 Cr  Ni  C  Si  Mn
 20.0-22.0  10.0-12.0  0.05-0.10  1.40-2.00  0.80 Max
 P  S  N  Ce  Fe
 0.040 Max  0.030 Max  0.14-0.20  0.03-0.08 Balance


Some characteristics of 253 MA (1.4835)

•Excellent oxidation resistance to 2000°F
•High creep-rupture strength
In what type of applications is 253 MA used?

•Burners, Boiler Nozzles
•Petrochemical and refinery tube hangers
•Heat exchangers
•Expansion bellow
•Stack dampers
Mechanical Properties
Room Temperature

 Specified Limits Minimum  Typical Range
 Ultimate Tensile Strength, psi  87,000  90,000-114,000
 .2% Offset Yield Strength, psi  45,000  45,000-69,000
 Elongation in 2″, %  40  42-70
 Reduction of Area, %  50  -
 Hardness Rockwell B  -  Rb 90


Fabrication and Welding with Stainless 253 MA

Stainless steel 253 MA is readily fabricated by standard commercial procedures. In comparison to carbon steel, stainless steels are tougher and tend to work harden rapidly. However, with positive feeds and slow speeds combined with abundant cutting fluid this alloys tendency to work harden may be minimized.
Stainless 253 MA can be welded using conventional welding processes. Filler metal should be of similar composition for maximum weld integrity and properties.