1.2347 Die Steel

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Product Description

1.2347 Die Steel

Equivalent grades: FDAC/DH2F

1.2347 die steel has excellent mechanical processing performance and polishing performance. It owns extremely high toughness and ductility in every aspect; it has high thermal cracking resistance.

It has excellent wear resistance in both high and low temperature, excellent quenching Permeability, good resistance to high temperature and thermal fatigue resistance;

quenching deformation is small. It have a better isotropic (isotropic) than conventional smelting steel. It can be nitriding and has other advantages. The indicators no matter before and after the heat treatment , are better than 1.2344 hot work die steel.

1.2347 die steel is mainly used in the production of light alloy die-casting mold; steel forging forming mold and mold insert; extrusion die; heavy alloy mold bearing and guide sleeve; the formation of heavy and medium alloy pressure mold; plastic mold (Injection mold) and so on.

Delivery status: Pre-hardened state, using state 37 – 41 HRC, or according to customer requirements.

Impact strength: No notched specimen, sample size 10x7x55 [mm], quenched to 44-46HRC VDG M82 Ed.02 / 1993 400 J / cm 2; or sample quenched to 44-46HRC: Charpy V min. 18J , Can be customized according to customer requirements.

Ultrasonic testing: ASTM A388 – FBH max. 6 mm (1/4 inch) or SEP 1921 test group 3,  class C, c or can be customized according to customer requirements.

Purity: ASTM E45- Method A with type B; C and D each  2 or DIN 50602  K4 ≤ 20 (except sulfide) or can be customized according to customer requirements.

Heat treatment: forging 1050 – 850 deg; C, soft annealing 820 – 840 deg; C, hardened 1020 – 1050 deg; C, tempering 520 – 700 deg;

1.2347 Chemical Composition(%)max
C Si Mn Cr V Mo
0.38 1.00 0.35 5.00 0.95 1.30